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Candidate Details
Section 1 - Advertisement Details
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Section 2 - Activities undertaken over past 5 years, e.g. employment, volunteering, caring responsibilities.  Please account for any gaps during this period.
Section 3 - Ministerial and/or Public Appointments including previous IMB appointments
Section 4 - Your Motivation
Why do you wish to join the IMB?
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Section 5 - Your Skills and Experience
Why do you feel you are suitable for the IMB Role?  Please explain how your skills and experience meet each of the IMB Key Qualities.  Please answer as fully as possible and provide specific examples for each key quality.  Before completing this section please ensure you have read the Guidance for Applicants, which explains what each Key Quality means and what we are looking for from applicants.   The answers you provide will be assessed and will determine whether or not you are invited for an interview.
Analysis and decision making:
Commitment and perseverance: 
In this section, please also explain how you would manage the time commitment involved in being an IMB Member.
Equality, diversity and inclusion:
Integrity and independence
Teamwork and Development:
Section 6 - Vetting Details
Do you have a valid passport?
Are you subject to immigration control?
Have you spent more than 6 months in total out of the UK in the last 3 years?
Are there any restictions on your continued residence or employment in the UK?
If you have answered yes to any of the last four questions please provide more information below
Section 7 - Conflict of Interest
Do you know any individual (relative, friend or acquaintance) who works for HMPPS, MoJ or HO?
Do you have a relative or close friend who is either in prison or detained within the immigration estate or has been within the last 12 months?
Do you know any other IMB member either at the establishment you are applying to or another one?
If you have answered yes to any of the questions please provide more details below about the activities/conflict, providing any assurances that you think are appropriate.
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Section 8 - Convictions
Please read accompanying notes carefully before answering the following questions.
Do you have an unspent criminal convictions?
Community Sentences - Are you subject of a community order, a conditional discharge, or bound over, after being charged with any offence?
Actions Pending - Have you been charged with any offence that is still pending?
Have you ever received a caution or conditional caution?
If you have answered yes to any of the questions above please provide further information on the nature of the offence, location and date.  Please note that a previous criminal conviction does not mean your application will automatically be invalidated, in these circumstances the application will be reviewed further before a decision is made
Section 9 - Disablility Declaration
IMBs embrace diversity and are committed to promoting equal opportunities. 
As such candidates with disabilities who meet the minimum criteria are offered an interview.
I consider myself to have a disability as defined under the Equality Act 2010
I would like to apply under the guarantee interview scheme?
Do you require any special arrangements to be made to enable you to attend or undertake a familiarisation visit or interview?
If successful at interview do you feel you would require any special arrangements to be made to support you in undertaking the monitoring role?
Diversity Monitoring

We know that we can deliver the best services when our membership reflects the full range of backgrounds and experiences in the society we serve.  To maximise our diversity it would be helpful if you could fill out the short monitoring form below.  

None of the information you provide will be visible as part of your application.  It will only be used anonymously to monitor inclusivity of our selection procedures.

You can select "Prefer not to disclose" if you rather would not answer any questions.

Application Checklist

Once your application has been submitted it can no longer be edited.  You can see the full application from the "Application Review" menu item,

Before submitting the application, please confirm the following:

I have read the guidance notes.
I have provided the correct information to the best of my knowledge and if my circumstances change I will notify the recruitment officer of changes.
I live within the specified radius of the prison/IRC/STHF that is outlined in the advert
I have considered the time commitment and feel that this is achievable.
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